Beer Pong, a natural bridge, and one last visit to the hot springs

My last weekend in Pinedale…what to do? Part of my time was occupied with grad school application work, but that still left many hours.

Saturday: Borrowed Ryan’s “Ishmael” book and drove back to Granite Hot Springs for a nice long soak-and-read. Almost finished the book in about four hours – a good story if a bit dated. No new hot spring acquaintances – just a young couple who obviously felt I was disrupting their hot springs solitude.

Sunday: Ryan and Nick decided that we should celebrate my leaving with a few rounds of Beer Pong. So they bought a mini-keg of Heineken, some margarita mix, 20 dixie cups, and two ping pong balls. The premise of beer pong is quite simple: if you manage to land a ping pong ball in one of your opponent’s cups, they must then drink that cup’s alcoholic contents. The night ended with all four of us rather tipsy and quite incapable of hitting small cups with ping pong balls. After that it was no longer beer pong, just beer.

Monday: Worked on my Cornell application in the morning, then drove up to the Green River Lakes with Ryan for a hike to the Clear Creek Natural Bridge (a place I had visited once before on my Osborn Mountain hike). ~9-10 miles round trip, so we got back to the car just as darkness became complete. I may post a few pictures if I have time in my upcoming packing frenzy.

I plan on leaving Thursday morning and arriving in Minnesota Friday night. So will end my Pinedale adventure, unless I sign on for the Snowshoe Hare surveys this winter.

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