Blog dead, Mark still alive

Much has happened in the 26 days since my last post – 1150 mile drive home from Pinedale, Thanksgiving celebrated with homegrown vegetables and organic chicken, much wood splitting, car purchase (Subaru Forester), 1200 mile drive to Ithaca, NY with a stop at Joe’s apartment in Chicago, walks around Ithaca’s beautiful waterfalls, purchase and subsequent enjoyment of expensive and tasty beers with Steve, visits with Cornell students and professors, birding at the Lab of Ornithology, drive to Syracuse on icy roads to visit Becky, hot tub soak under freezing rain, more waterfalls, 1100 mile drive to St. Paul….

….which is a poor summary of the last month’s events, but this blog is something like a diary, and I have never been able to keep a diary going for more than three months at a time. I expect my blog posts will remain relatively infrequent unless I end up lonely in a place like Pinedale again.

For now I remain unemployed, and I am simultaneously looking for jobs and grad school opportunities.

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