I’m in Oregon

I arrived at 10:30 am on Thursday, Sept. 11 after 1800 miles and four days on the road. It was a beautiful drive, and by the third day I was wishing I had farther to go. The Subaru worked well with the exception of an air leak into the coolant system that didn’t slow me down but will require some examination.

Since arriving I have:
–spent a night in Eugene with Lily, Tom, Lucy Hodgman, and Liesl van Ryswyk (all Carleton friends)
–visited Lost Valley intentional community
–painted my room
–bought a desk and a dresser for $40 each on Craigslist (I still need a bed but the air mattress works for now.) The dresser was a great deal – probably worth about $150.
–spent a great deal of time talking with my most interesting housemates
–biked to campus three times to get my health insurance, student accounts, and ID cards squared away
–helped Liz (4th year student in my lab) with some hydrogen experiments and had lunch with the grad students in my lab.
–installed my weather station (check it out at http://www.luterra.com/weather)

I *may* have time to post a photo essay from my trip, but at the moment there are more interesting things to do (like driving to the coast and going backpacking with Lily this weekend), as well as more pressing things (like meeting with Roger to discuss class registration and transferring the disheveled mound of stuff on my floor to the new dresser), so it might be awhile. Until then, know that I am well.

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