Four new photo essays

The Subaru is in the shop today, and the initial report indicates something amiss in the engine (oil and air getting into the coolant). I suspect head gaskets, but I won’t know until they take the engine apart tomorrow. If it is a head gasket problem, it will be free (parts and labor are warrantied for one year), but if it is something else (e.g. cracked cylinder head) it could cost me a pile of dough. I should know soon…

Our near-infinite supply of pears all got ripe at once, so we have spent much of the past days slicing, boiling, and canning. We now have many jars of pear butter in both blackberry and lemon-ginger flavors. I find them quite tasty, and if Ebba allows it I may bring some home for Christmas.

I am now registered for classes (physics, microbiology, differential equations, and an introductory grad student seminar), and I just purchased my textbooks to the tune of $474. Money is disappearing…

I added four new photo essays to my website, one from the roadtrip out here, one combining a visit to Eugene with a trip to the coast, one from my backpacking trip with Lily, and one with pictures of my house.

Our dry weather has ended, and it is now cooler (40 degrees at night, 65 during the day) with occasional rain (0.13″ so far today). Check out my weather page if you are interested.

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