Trains, planes, and automobiles

I’m headed to Oregon tomorrow to check out Oregon State and it’s department of Biological and Ecological Engineering. Flying out, staying four days at OSU, spending a couple of days with cousin Emma and aunt Kathy, then catching Amtrak in Eugene for the 36-hour train ride back to Minneapolis

In the past few weeks I have:

-rebuilt Jean’s computer after her hard drive failed
-helped said person with a jigsaw puzzle while enjoying some quality time with my godmother that has been hard to come by of late
-walked eight miles on river ice
-examined a group of large (cat?)fish through clear windows in said ice
-climbed a tree to watch a sunset at -25 windchill
-produced 14 DVD’s containing the past 2 1/2 years of home video
-helped Chris to construct new walls in the Lightsmith building
-dropped a 2×4 on Chris’s head while constructing said walls
-packaged well over 10,000 little cartons of homeopathic lozenges into ~50 large boxes
-transcribed a number of channelings
-attended a number of channelings
-asked the Earth Mother for her take on genetic engineering and hydrogen production
-attended a great concert with musician/stand-up comic Cheryl Wheeler and equally-talented musician Kenny White
-and many other things.

My blog should spring back to life with a report of my Oregon trip, though it is somewhat doubtful that I will be able to post until I after I return on March 6. Hopefully I will find time and motivation then to put up some new photo essays with New York, Winter Carnival, and Oregon pictures….

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