Spring cometh not

To be fair, it is 40 degrees today, not 10 below, so it IS more than a wee bit warmer than a month ago. That said, we just got 10 inches of snow last weekend and another half foot is in the forecast. We have only hit the 50-degree mark twice. Last year, we hit 80 degrees this week amid a number of beautiful 70-degree days. El Nino kicks ass. La Nina sucks. I’m sure all those who get flooded or fail to catch any fish in El Nino years would disagree, but in Minnesota La Nina means frigid and El Nino means we get our share of global warming times two.

Easter brought no eggs or fake pink bunnies but plenty of tasty food in the form of apple cake, quiche, pumpkin pie, maple salmon, and herb bread. We all wished it was warmer but went out walking anyway and discussed our current spiritual and practical goals in life. Cottontail rabbits were unusually abundant, perhaps aware that on this one day the human race develops a sudden unconditional love for lagomorphs.

I am still waiting to hear from Oregon State, and in the meantime I am applying to work as a prairie burn tech for the DNR this spring. Can’t beat getting paid to burn stuff…

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