Name and Address
Name: Markael Daniel Luterra
Current Address: 559 Humboldt Ave
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107-2916
Phone Number: 651 3075945
Admission Term: Fall 2008
Admission Type: Domestic Student
Decision: Admit
Current Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Level: Graduate
Catalog Term: Fall 2008
College: College of Engineering
Campus: Oregon State – Corvallis
Major and Department: Biological & Ecological Engr., Biological & Ecological Engr
Date Created: Jan 29, 2008
Documents Required
Received Note Status
College Transcript Feb 13, 2008 Carleton College
College Transcript Feb 05, 2008 Southwest State University
College Transcript Feb 04, 2008 Utah State University

Not much notice, just the subtle addition of one line in the table. Decision: Admit.

Now I can get on with my life…

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