Biking with Yellow-rumps

Since I won’t be getting any nice days off this spring, I have to enjoy nature when we can’t burn. Light rain and 60 degrees isn’t so bad, so I chose today for my first spring bike ride. I rode the Gateway Trail, an old railroad bed, from St. Paul to near Stillwater–36 miles round-trip. My only mistake was not packing food and water, since the drinking fountains along the trail were still shut off for winter. By mile 14 my body was running out of fuel, so I ended up taking frequent rests until I could refuel and re-water at a Burger King at around mile 28. Yellow-rumped Warblers were my constant companions once I got out of the city. Small groups of them, some with kinglets as well, were searching for insects in debris on the trail or watching me from the low branches. I probably saw close to 50 of them by the end, which seems high for this early in the year. I hope they can survive the coming cold, rainy, snowy weather.

No work til Monday on account of weather and broken equipment. Time to go help Ed plant the garden in cold mud, just like in past years.

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