Clear fall days

The rainy season has not yet started, and Mother Earth has seen fit to give us a long stretch of beautiful clear days, which is forecast to continue through next Wednesday. Fall colors are at their peak, and temperatures warm into the 60s every day after lows in the lower 30s. We have had three frosts now, though none quite as cold as the first one. Yesterday I drove to the top of Marys Peak once again, and this time I remembered to bring my camera. Check out the photos (along with a few from last weekend) here. Last Saturday I enjoyed hearing my favorite singer, Dar Williams, live in Eugene, then spent Saturday night at Lost Valley before meandering north through the Cascades (via two hot springs) to Portland, where I picked Ali up at the airport. I am just getting over a cold that had me feeling pretty sick for a while on Saturday. Thankfully it let up for the concert and Cascade explorations.

I have a test in differential equations tomorrow, and I’m also meeting with my adviser to discuss thesis project possibilities (for a scholarship application that I’m working on).

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