Record-breaking weather

The atmospheric river returned on Tuesday, but this time we were on the northern, cold side.  The south coast got the flooding.  We got cold rain and then, starting at 3 am yesterday, 22 hours of continuous snow.  The total would have been over a foot if it had been a few degrees colder.  As it was it melted as fast as it fell until sunset, when it piled up to about 6 inches deep before finally ending at 1 am.  Many people lost power due to snow-laden trees falling on power lines.  Liz took her last final from 8-11 at night, and we went to the one pub still open at midnight in the snow for a celebratory beer.

Records broken:  Daily snowfall: 5-6″.  Old record 2″, also highest daily snowfall ever recorded in March.  Low maximum temperature: 36.9 degrees.  Old record 39.

As I write this, the sun is shining and snow is melting off the trees.  Liz and I are headed to Portland today for a Girlyman concert then up near Seattle to explore some new hot springs.  Look for pictures next week some time.

My office building, Gilmore Annex.

Cherry tree on campus in full bloom toppled by heavy snow.

Snow starting to stick, around 9 pm.

Downtown just after midnight.

20 second exposure looking northeast from chicken coop, 1:15 am

Picnic table this morning, 5-6 inches of snow

Barn and solar shower

Looking west on Nash Ave. Roads starting to melt off.

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