Sunny days, cold nights, and approaching finals

The past three days here have been completely cloudless – quite unusual in this winter-rainy climate. With no fog or clouds at night, the temperature is free to drop down to 26.3 – our coldest of the season. Now I realize that 26.3 is approximately the average high in Minnesota this time of year, but out here in our uninsulated house, 26 is the equivalent of zero in Minnesota, and we have been alternating our alarms to keep the fire burning all night (otherwise we would wake up to a 50-degree house).

I have a differential equations final on Monday, biochemistry on Tuesday, and physics on Wednesday (at 7:30 am!). I feel pretty good about physics and math, so most of my studying will be for biochem. Today I am going to help Liz construct a metal-free hydrochloric acid feed for our bioreactor and also study some biochem. And probably go to the contra dance tonight as well.

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