Coalition of the Unafraid

We stand firmly against the use of fear to motivate or manipulate.

We oppose all media and political fearmongering.

We accept our existence as mortal animals on a finite planet.

We embrace technology that improves and extends our lives, but we do not oblige technology or government to save us from disease and death.

We believe that all people are created equal and have equal rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We stand opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

At the same time, we do not condemn, cancel, or dehumanize those who hold prejudiced beliefs.

We see the dignity and humanity in all people.

We understand that people who are suffering economically or psychologically are vulnerable to radicalization. We fight against harmful ideas and ideologies while aiming to help those who espouse them, so that they might learn another story.

We do not collectively take a position on the time at which a fetus becomes a human being, which firearms should be legal and under which circumstances, or any of the other battles of modern culture wars. We acknowledge that these are important issues on which compromise is necessary at all levels of government, but we agree to set aside our differences in order to confront fear and escape from the present mass psychosis.

We aim to reverse the trend of increasing economic inequality.

We believe that no one should live in poverty.

We believe that health care and housing are human rights.

We support social programs which recognize human dignity and empower those who are struggling to regain pride, autonomy, and self-determination. We do not support social programs which perpetuate stigma and dependency.

We stand opposed to false certainty and enforced conformity. In the present context, we understand that it is far too early to say with certainty that covid vaccines are safe and effective, or alternatively that they are more dangerous than the disease itself. We understand that “known” safety profiles of new technologies frequently shift over time as problems become apparent (see: thalidomide, DDT, CFCs, leaded gasoline, asbestos). In situations with uncertain risks and benefits, we support individual choice and informed consent, and we stand firmly against fear-based coercion.

We stand opposed to broad state/national restrictions on personal liberties in the interest of public health and safety. While we acknowledge that there is a necessary compromise in this arena, we believe that these decisions should be made at the local/regional level whenever possible.

We stand firmly opposed to censorship of ideas and “misinformation” that oppose mainstream narratives. We believe that the Overton window should be established through open and rational discussion rather than through enforced consensus.

We stand opposed to the “Great Reset” and to wealth-led global strategy more broadly. We do not believe that those who have risen to the top of a capitalist system that rewards greed, ruthlessness, manipulation, and narcissism – and who have effectively extracted their wealth from others who are inadequately compensated – should be allowed to guide the future of humanity and the planet.

We accept that billionaire philanthropy can sometimes have positive results. At the same time, we stand opposed to all initiatives that claim to know what is best for a population without consulting those most affected. We acknowledge that most billionaire philanthropy is predicated on expansion of capitalism, which by nature disempowers grassroots organizations, extracts wealth, and exacerbates inequality.

We assert that avoidance of death and illness are not the only or highest objectives guiding society and governance. We assign equal value to mental health, spiritual wellbeing, happiness, life satisfaction, a sense of meaning, community, dignity, compassion, empathy, and solidarity.

We embrace all identities while standing opposed to identity politics, which seeks to sow fear and division and to prevent marginalized populations from making common cause against the true oppressors.

We support efforts to acknowledge historical injustice, while standing opposed to ideologies which project guilt and blame for historical injustice onto those currently alive.

We accept that we exist in world with deep-seated, systemic inequality. We accept that we may sometimes cause harm without intent. We strive to become better humans, and we see this as an opportunity for growth and learning rather than an occasion for judgment and guilt.

We support democracy. We believe that every citizen is entitled to an equal vote and an equal voice. We support a revitalization of democratic institutions at local levels, and we stand opposed to all mechanisms that allow moneyed interests to influence politics.

We envision thriving, resilient communities. We understand that resilience and efficiency are often at odds, and we choose in favor of resilience, supporting initiatives to improve local and regional self-sufficiency in food, education, medicine, and other goods and services.

We claim no allegiance to or association with either of the dominant political parties.

We are watching and waiting to arise as the old system collapses around us. We may not have long to wait.

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