A Tale of Four Moons

I have not always been one to track the phases of the moon, but this natural cycle sometimes provides welcome constancy in transitions and new places. I remember how odd it seemed to lay in a tent in the Andes knowing that back home in Minnesota the same full moon shone, albeit a bit lower in the sky.

Recently, though, each full moon has brought a new adventure, and I would rather like this trend to continue.

May: A night walk in the Arb with Heather. Fireflies are sparkling everywhere and Heather says the moon is brighter in Minnesota, perhaps due to “high levels of background magic.”

June: Camping in Yellowstone with Chelsea. A warm night sandwiched between days of geysers, waterfalls, and bears.

July: Sitting in the hot tub at RMBL, first alone beneath the moon then joined by old friends.

August: Atop Fremont Peak with a view like none I have yet seen.

What next? No idea, but life is full of surprises…

Spent the afternoon in Jackson today, shopping for a new hat and eating delicious Mexican food. Time to get some sleep for more lynx surveys tomorrow.

Just completed the Fremont Peak photo essay. Check it out here.

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