ATV Training, Cerulean Warblers, and an Early Morning

Spent the last two days learning how to safely ride an ATV in a BLM training course. Turns, swerves, sudden stops, heavy loads, turns on hills, loading/unloading trailers, stream crossings, and all other possible scenarios were covered in a mix of lecture and riding experience. Not sure I will need the training, but it may come in useful someday.

I am reading scientific papers on cerulean warblers and realizing that this species is relatively unstudied. So I will continue reading to see if I could turn a cerulean idea into a Ph.D. project.

After several months of increasing abdominal pain and bulging, Ryan finally went to the local clinic and learned that he has an inguinal hernia in need of immediate surgery. So I am driving him to Jackson Hole at 5 am tomorrow morning for a flight back to Indiana, where he plans to stay for two weeks following the surgery before returning to work here.

If I am still awake after that trip, I plan to hike about 9-10 miles over Jackass Pass to the Cirque of the Towers, one of the more beautiful locations in the Wind River Mountains, where I will spend the night and return on Sunday. Look for an update and photo essay Sunday or Monday evening.

First hard frost predicted for Sunday night – 29 degrees. Aspens are beginning to turn yellow. Fall is coming…

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