Lynx project finished as of 1 pm today! Took Nick out on foot, hiked up a steep hill, and whipped through the final 48 points. Beautiful country with the aspens turning yellow and orange, though the area is now swarming with deer and elk hunters. Spent the afternoon searching for water wells, then had a good piece of homegrown beef for dinner courtesy of Kate who used her “sick day” to move in next door. She is doing well except for a stiff and swollen elbow that keeps her arm in a sling for much of the time.

Just heard from my friend Jenna in Salt Lake City – may give me an excuse to drive down that direction for one of the upcoming weekends. Second weekend in October perhaps.

Weather looks good for the first two days of my Teton hike. May have some rain/snow Saturday night into Sunday, but I will be headed downhill by that time so it shouldn’t be a problem. One more 10-hour day ahead – then four days of freedom.

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