ATV-ing in the rain

Too wet today to drive two-track roads in search of wells, so I worked on finalizing the lynx data in the morning. Josh gave me an assignment – take an ATV out to where Greg Reser is mowing sagebrush and mark GPS polygons around the mowed areas. We loaded up an ATV on a trailer just before noon, and I spent about 2 1/2 hours bouncing around the sagebrush (rather like driving through a rough field of small stumps). By the end, I was working in rain changing to snow, but I finished all of the areas that have been mowed so far. A rather fun job, and I suspect I will be back at it tomorrow.

Snow began around 4 pm and continued until 7, dropping just under 3 inches of wet white stuff. View out my bedroom window here.

Teton photo essays are up.

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