Computer deep-clean

Days have become somewhat routine with the birdramp survey – more fun than lynx work because the project takes us to all corners of our million-acre area, but still not requiring much intelligence. Weather has been beautiful until today, when a rain system moved in. Forecast calls for a half inch of snow tonight – we shall see.

Chris and Michele sent a new 320 GB hard drive that arrived today – essentially quadrupling my computer storage capacity. They loaded their entire music collection – about 10,000 songs – onto the drive, so my music has quadrupled also (though I expect I will find only about 10-15 songs I really like out of that 10,000).

When I opened my computer to install the new drive, I found a half inch of dust bunnies at the bottom and a solid coating of dust on all of the circuit boards and components. My cooling fins were completely packed with dust. Using a squeeze-blower and a vacuum, I managed to get most of the dust out before installing the new drive. Sure is nice to have plenty of space – should be able to do video editing if I have time when I get home.

Haven’t had any signs of N. fowleri yet, so am hoping I won’t get the over-sensationalized bug.

Today was pretty laid-back – cleaned, did laundry, watched Harry Potter 5, worked on computer. Tomorrow will try to find some scientific articles and perhaps send e-mails to potential advisors at Cornell.

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