Exploring the Range

Life has its ebbs and flows. This is an ebb. Not in a negative sense – simply in the sense that after solo hikes, ATV accidents, and 10-hour days, life has settled into a routine for the time being. Kate and I are about half done driving around the range finding stock tanks. About 150 tanks found so far out of ~300. We finally got the hardware to install ramps today, so we put in seven of the 12 we have on hand. Days go by quickly on this project – always new territory to see and new roads to find. Kate enjoys driving, and I enjoy navigating.

I have been finding new songs I like on the iTunes store, doing a bit of studying for the biology GRE on Saturday, and thinking about grad school.

Snow in the forecast for Friday night and Saturday – a foot in the mountains and a few inches here. Hopefully it will melt quickly – our project involves lots of off-road driving and requires dry weather.

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