Easy work, good pay

I remain unemployed and will remain so for the immediate future. In the interim, I am working for my mom and for Robert Cohanim, producer of a very successful line of homeopathic lozenges including Stress Mints. Turns out his packing staff is gone for the next few weeks, and he is paying me better than any wage I have yet earned to fold boxes, load them with lozenges, and ship them off. Not something I would want to do as a career, of course, but for now I don’t mind sitting in a spacious, mint-smelling, plant-filled warehouse with giant windows overlooking several railroads and downtown St. Paul.

Turns out my car doesn’t like cold. Very poor idling, and sometimes fails to start after it has been running for a short time. Also seems to have developed a coolant leak. So I am taking it to a Subaru shop on Monday to spend all of the money I just earned.

Coldest weather of the season this weekend – 13 below tonight and 14 below tomorrow night with a high of -1 tomorrow. A good time to get out and feel the crisp air…

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