Walking in the cold

It is my tradition to go for a walk on the coldest night of the year. Last night, at about -12 here in the city, may have been such a night. Or there may yet be colder days coming. In any case, I bundled up and set off down Annapolis St. last night, heading for a park with many large trees where I could see the close conjunction of Mars and the moon. From there I wandered down to the High Bridge and looked out over the lights of St. Paul from 160 feet above the river. All in all about two hours of enjoying the cold stillness, or at least as much stillness as can ever be found with 500,000 people moseying about in their little heated compartments on wheels.

I’m headed to a club tonight to hear Aaron’s band and meet up with Andy and Annaka (and perhaps other Alumni whose names begin with A).

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