This is the land of rain – or so they say – but it has been rather dry until now. Today the clouds finally decided to dump, and it looks like the rain will continue on and off at least through the weekend. The total for today stands at 0.81″, but it is still raining so we could have an inch by midnight. The low pressure center just passed over an hour ago, and the pressure is beginning to rise. The Cascades will be seeing the first major snowfall tonight, with up to a foot above 5,000 feet. The rain feels good, even at 47 degrees, and I enjoy seeing the grass turning green in November rather than brown as it is in Minnesota.

My last weekend was somewhat less eventful – mostly working on my scholarship application – but I did go to a contra dance on Saturday evening and to a potluck on Sunday. After taking exams in all of my classes, I am now done with exams until Nov. 14. The previous weekend, when it was still clear, I drove to the coast and studied biochemistry sitting on the beach, ate some freshly cooked crab, and had a few more beer samples at the Rogue brewery in Newport.

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