Full moon approaching

It is clear tonight for the first time in about 10 days, confirming that the moon does in fact still exist and that it is waxing to full on schedule. We are briefly in between weather systems, with a weak front bring clouds and a few showers tomorrow, and a warm front and associated low forecast to bring 1-2 inches Tuesday through Thursday. The clouds and rain have brought moderate temperatures, and we have yet to drop below 40 degrees this month. The weekend looks dry, and if so I will have to make good use of it since the general wetness will continue through February.

I reworked my NSF proposal today to make it into a more feasible, circumscribed project. As a result it is now more in my words than my advisor’s, and I am quite satisfied with it. Now I just have to polish my other two essays and get it submitted by Wednesday.

I registered for winter classes today as well – physics 213 (required – electricity and magnetism), biochemistry 2, microbial genetics and biotechnology (key to what I will be working on), and biosystems modeling techniques (the one core graduate class required by my department). Could be a challenge, but ought to be more fun than this term (differential equations = not fun).

Lily came to visit on Friday, and we had a great time singing old Pellicans songs and other folk songs, chatting with my hippie-greenie housemates, cooking my old standard maple syrup tofu, and carrying on deep conversations about the nature of life and human interactions. On Saturday we explored the farmers’ market in the rain before Lily headed back to Eugene.

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