Haulin’ poo

I had two projects yesterday: cut and split the wood gathered earlier in the week and haul four loads of composted horse manure from our neighbor’s stables to our garden beds. We seem to have found plenty of uses for that little trailer I bought, and so far it has proven to be sturdy. Ebba and Ali have agreed to help me paint the boards this spring if they can paint them bright hippie colors. So it may soon be a hippie trailer.

I have started attacking the mildew on our vinyl siding – a long but very satisfying project. When it is finished I will post a before/after picture.

We had a delicious Easter meal of maple salmon (from me), stuffed mushrooms (Ali), and delicious Middle-Eastern rice (Ali). I took one piece of salmon back after I found a parasitic worm in it – the deli man kindly threw in an extra piece for free along with my replacement.

Last night I went to a fun potluck with grad students from botany, zoology, and other departments. I may be one step closer to finding some friends outside my house.

Pictures posted:


Spring break:
Hot springs loop
Whale watching
The road to Bend

March-April around the house

or find them on my Photo Essays page.

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